Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hey there! Happy Halloween! Sorry for a late post, schools been really busy but the quarter just ended so I can relax a little. Since its senior year and all first quarter grades where really important to I was working on getting everything in on time. Anyways I've been getting calls and packages from some of the schools I'm planning on applying to. The first being FIDM in my top 3 and I'm actually going to NYC to meet with the admissions office ! :) Things are looking up!

right now i'm on the late train to applying to colleges, with all of the test taking and all. I've already taken the SAT once but i signed up for the January SAT and the December ACT. I've heard the ACT is easier but as more math and science which is okay because I'm not so bad in those subjects. Even after taking all the tests i need to apply. Which I'm so confused about, I don't even know what I'd major in. Can you have two majors? I guess thats a question I'd have to save for a guidance counselor....

well goodbye for now! I'll try to update this more often, with occasionally outfit posts



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